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How to use the Disney Plus GroupWatch feature

Disney Plus GroupWatch is the answer to Netflix Party (known now as Teleparty), a feature that allows you to watch content with your family or friends. You don’t just watch content, but you can also share reactions to content, which makes watching definitely more fun.

GroupWatch, Netflix Teleparty, and Amazon Prime Video Watch Party became especially popular during quarantine when people were locked in their homes and couldn’t get together to watch content together. However, even when the pandemic is over, it is likely that these features will remain popular because it is not always convenient for you to get together to watch content (especially if there are too many of you and you don’t have a big TV).

Disney Plus GroupWatch supports up to 7 people watching content together, so it is a big enough group to have a good time.

How to start Disney Plus GroupWatch

Disney Plus GroupWatch is available on platforms that support Disney Plus app. That means people can join GroupWatch no matter of device they use to watch Disney Plus: using a mobile app, website, Smart TV, or streaming media player. Here’s how to start and join Disney Plus GroupWatch:

  • Open the Disney Plus app or website
  • Choose the title you wanna watch
  • Tap on the right of Play icon to see the icon with three people on it
  • Tap this icon
  • You will see the link, use it to invite up to 6 people you wanna watch the content with (however, all people you invite, should have a Disney Plus subscription)
  • After you’re ready to start the stream – just tap on Start Stream
  • Any participant can manage the stream (pause, rewind or fast forward)
  • You can also react with emoji to share your feelings about the content you’re watching and everyone will see your reaction

Can users with Kids Profile be invited into Disney Plus GroupWatch?

No, the users with Kids Profile aren’t allowed to participate in GroupWatch. Such users will be simply unable to join or start the GroupWatch stream. The company has made this in order to protect young users from harmful content.

What content can be streamed in GroupWatch?

Any content that’s available on Disney Plus, for example, classic Disney content, The Mandalorian, or WandaVision.In case you want a GroupWatch theater premiere that is available for an additional fee, everyone you invite must purchase it before they can join GroupWatch.

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
I'm currently a lead editor and owner of Splaitor. Also, I'm the chief editor at Tab-tv.com.



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