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The 10 cities with the most McDonald’s restaurants

People in today’s world have become extremely busy. We have to do things all the time and there are often days when you may not even have a minute to sit down and rest. However, we still need to eat in order to function properly and be able to continue to do our work. The term “Fast Food” was coined for this rhythm of life.

The most popular example is always McDonald’s. It’s the most famous and popular fast food restaurant in the world. Its essence is that you can eat fast and cheap. It usually takes less than five minutes for the workers to put together your order. Nowadays, it has become so popular that McDonald’s has appeared in almost every big city. However, not everyone knows that there are cities where they’re practically on every corner.

Where is the biggest number of McDonald’s restaurants

The desire to eat well has always haunted man. Because of this, there are now hundreds of various restaurants around us with thousands of different dishes to suit all tastes. Food has become an art, today you can order any cuisine, visit an expensive restaurant, or eat a hot dog from a street vendor, for example. However, fast food still has a special place in many people’s lives.

It’s the fastest and most convenient way to eat out. And it’s also quite cheap. In fact, fast food didn’t appear that long ago. This type of restaurant has become particularly popular in the last 30-40 years. And of course, everyone who likes a quick snack at least once at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has become a kind of standard for fast food restaurants. It’s the most popular restaurant chain in the world. The company has invented the formula of the perfect fast food and successfully operates in most countries of the world.

McDonald’s first appeared in the United States in 1948, which is when the concept of fast food was created. No wonder that exactly in the US there exists a whole cult of Fast Food and most McDonald’s restaurants are located there. However, many people wonder in which cities the number of McDonald’s is the highest.

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What are the top 10 cities with McDonald’s

If you suddenly wondered where the most McDonald’s in the world are, the answer is unambiguous – in the United States. All of the cities that are in the top 10 in terms of the number of McDonald’s are in the United States.

In order to calculate the number of McDonald’s as objectively as possible, it is best to apply the formula for the number of restaurants per 100,000 people in each city. You have to agree that 100 McDonalds in a city of 10 million people isn’t the same as 100 McDonalds in a city of 1 million. So if you’re wondering in which city you can find a McDonald’s on every corner, then this way of counting is perfect for you.

City Number of McDonald’s per 100К population
1. Orlando, Florida19.60 McDonald’s
2. Dayton, Ohio 15.64 McDonald’s
3. Columbia, South Carolina14.24 McDonald’s
4. Lakeland, Florida13.57 McDonald’s
5. Cincinnati, Ohio12.89 McDonald’s
6. Knoxville, Tennessee12.80 McDonald’s
7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana12.18 McDonald’s
8. Las Vegas, Nevada11.94 McDonald’s
9. Mobile, Alabama11.08 McDonald’s
10. Miami, Florida 10.62 McDonald’s

As you can see from the table above, the largest number of cities with heavy McDonald’s populations is in Florida. This is due to the fact that it’s a resort state, where people come to rest, and you must agree that vacation without good food can’t be good.

If we look at a map, we find that location of most of the cities on this top are on the east side of the United States. In fact, the explanation for this fact is quite simple. On the eastern side, there is a higher density of large cities. Consequently, there are more business cities with busy populations who need a fast and nutritious meals.

Why McDonald’s is so popular

Many aspiring businessmen are always trying to find their ideal approach to business. How do you make sure that you get the most for the least amount of money? How do you set up your establishment in such a way that it is attractive to all groups of people? Is it always possible to stay in demand and competitive? These are the main questions that plague any aspiring restaurateur.

In the case of McDonald’s, the creators of this company managed to find the perfect recipe for success. They have made a restaurant that has become a quality brand for chain businesses and that many people look up to. In fact, McDonald’s invented the concept of fast food restaurants.

McDonald’s success depends on its four main rules. You could say there are four things that unite all of their restaurants:

  • A small selection of dishes on the menu and regular meals. The fact is that even though McDonald’s doesn’t have many dishes on its menu, they’re the same in all establishments. You can eat a Big Mac at any McDonald’s anywhere in the world and it will taste about the same as it does at home. It gives a lot of opportunities because customers feel at home in the restaurant, they know the menu perfectly and when you open a new place you already have all the technology to start cooking the whole menu from scratch.
  • High level of service. Another important difference between McDonald’s restaurants is that they’re as customer-oriented as possible, McDonald’s employees are always polite and do their job 100%. This is facilitated by a rigid personnel policy and a clear hierarchy. Each employee clearly understands what he has to do to move up the career ladder and therefore everyone tries to be as responsible as possible to be encouraged and have a chance to move up the career ladder.
  • The special taste of the dishes. McDonald’s has perfected the burger formula over the decades. Their dishes are all very tasty and unique. You may not like the burgers at McDonald’s, but I think everyone would agree that they can’t be replicated by any other place.
  • The atmosphere in restaurants. The design of the restaurants also played a big role. The atmosphere in McDonald’s is always festive, when you come there you realize that everything is done simply and tastefully. In addition, in different countries, the design will also be similar and coming to a McDonald’s abroad, you can easily feel at home. However, McDonald’s has always been known for keeping up with technology, it’s not a family cafe that has stayed the same for years, it’s a rapidly growing corporation that changes according to the spirit of the times.

These four simple things are the main reason for the huge success of McDonald’s. Actually, there are other reasons why McDonald’s is the king of fast food, but these are the basic things that have made them so successful.

What alternatives to McDonald’s are available all over the world

As mentioned above, McDonald’s is a perfect example of a large chain business. However, the secrets of its success aren’t so complicated. That is why it very quickly had quite a few competitors around the world.

Among all the more or less successful large fast-food restaurant chains, we can single out, in my opinion, some of the most successful and most popular around the world. They aren’t as common as McDonald’s, but you can also find them in most different countries.


Wendy’s is a restaurant that, like McDonald’s, specializes in burgers. They have more than 6,800 restaurants around the world. It’s not uncommon to hear from people I know that Wendy’s is the best burger in the United States. Although many would argue with that, Wendy’s is a pretty successful company that has only expanded over time and is a growing competitor to McDonald’s.

Burger King

As the name implies, these restaurants also specialize in burgers. In fact, they offer bigger and juicier burgers for about the same money. However, many people find their food to be overdone. Nevertheless, they’re the biggest competitor to McDonald’s, they even have their own alternative to Big Mac – their signature Whopper.


Another institution that I want to mention is Subway. They specialize in making sandwiches. What makes them different is that they’re one of the largest chains in the world. In all, Subway has over 37,000 restaurants worldwide. However, the company’s revenue has been falling more and more lately.

In addition to these three giants of the restaurant business, there are many chains of similar size and revenue that can compete with McDonald’s. However, there is still no one player in sight that could move McDonald’s from first place among the chain burgers.

What countries are top 10 by McDonald’s number

No doubt the top 1 country in the number of McDonald’s is the United States. However, not only in America people like to eat tasty and cheap food. McDonald’s has more than 40,000 locations around the world.

It is worth noting that not all establishments are made in the same style, sometimes McDonald’s can change its appearance and become a very fancy restaurant. It largely depends on the location. Since many restaurants are located in Asia, Europe, and Africa
there are a lot of options to come up with different designs.

As you can see from the chart above, the U.S. has more than three times the number of restaurants of its nearest competitor. That is a truly remarkable result. No wonder many countries associate McDonald’s with the American way of life.


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