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What TVs support Spectrum app: Full list

In today’s world, there are many streaming services that create all possible conditions for people to enjoy high-quality video content. Since there are a lot of such streaming services, each of them is trying to stand out to create the best opportunity that you can get by subscription. This is because it’s becoming more and more popular as people give up cable TV.

Spectrum app is also a streaming service, but it works a little differently than a subscription service like Netflix. The Spectrum app is a convenient way to access video content on a variety of devices, in addition to your TV. Most people only need access to shows and movies on their TV, but others watch a lot of video content on other devices outside of their homes.

What is a Spectrum TV app

Today, it’s not enough for people to have access to quality video content that they can watch at home after work. Streaming services understand this and thus allow their customers to have access from different devices.

That’s what Spectrum does. You can also get access to video content from the Spectrum app using your iPhone and iPad when you are getting to work in the subway or waiting your turn at some service, so you don’t waste your time but get some information.

The Spectrum app is a convenient way to access Spectrum TV at home or away. That is, this app gives you access to watch all the video content that the Spectrum app includes. You can install this app along with your TV and Internet subscription and connect to your Spectrum TV account.

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What Spectrum TV app does

Spectrum is a company that not only gives you access to streaming services. Spectrum is much more than that, as this company provides many homes with cable TV and Internet service. Along with this, you can also become a Spectrum customer to get mobile service by signing up for a family plan.

Many people don’t know this and think Spectrum is just a streaming service. However, it’s not, or rather you can’t just access the Spectrum app streaming service. It works in such a way that you only get access to Spectrum app video content if you are a Spectrum customer and get cable TV and internet.

After that, you get access to the Spectrum app to have quality video content in the form of a lot of world novelties, various series, and movies, as well as TV shows and cartoons. The popularity of the Spectrum app also exists due to the fact that you can access the app from different devices and TV. Including you can get the Spectrum app on Apple TV.

How much does the Spectrum TV app cost

Many people expect the Spectrum TV app to have a high price tag because it provides its customers with many features. However, that’s not the case at all.

Spectrum TV app works in a way that you don’t pay a subscription to Spectrum TV app as you do to Netflix or Paramount+. You get access to the Spectrum TV app for free if you are a Spectrum customer and get cable and internet service.

The options Spectrum can give you are different, for example, the cost of the Internet can start at $49 per month. You can also add cable TV and pay $99.98 a month. Along with that, you have the option to choose a TV, internet, and phone bundle and pay $114.97 per month.

Thus, the Spectrum TV app service isn’t like other streaming services in many ways. As it gives its customers much more. In addition to access to basic needs like TV, and Internet you can get the opportunity to use a streaming service.

What TVs does the Spectrum app support

All the same, at the very beginning of its development of streaming services, the goal was to make it possible to enjoy video content without ads on the big screen of the TV. Despite the fact that many people use the Spectrum app from other devices. It’s worth to understand which TVs support the Spectrum TV app, so the whole family can enjoy video content.

Since it’s much more convenient than using, for example, an iPad or iPhone. Since the Spectrum app opens you up to a cloud DVR, 80 TV network apps, and live streaming. The Spectrum TV app is currently only supported by 2 TV companies such as:

  • Samsung. TVs from this company support the Spectrum TV app. The important point is that the app only supports Samsung TVs that were released in 2012 and later. Almost all Smart TVs are currently on sale.
  • Vizio. This is the second company that makes TVs with the ability to install the Spectrum TV app. You can install the Spectrum TV app on your Vizio Smart TV in order to be able to watch video content. To do this, you need to follow some steps to download Spectrum App on Vizio Smart TV.

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What other devices support the Spectrum TV app

In today’s world, people often use different devices to watch video content on streaming services. This way you can be more portable and watch movies away from home. Fortunately, the Spectrum TV app is supported not only on smart TV.

The list of devices on which you can install the Spectrum TV app isn’t small. So you can watch videos in your free time at work, in the gym at training, in the subway, and in other places.

To date, Spectrum TV app on such devices as:

  • iOS Devices. All devices with iOS 11 or higher support the Spectrum TV app.
  • Android Devices. All Android devices running Android 5.0 support the Spectrum TV app.
  • Amazon devices. You can use it on all devices except, the first generation version of the Kindle Fire.
  • Xbox One. Supports all versions.
  • Roku. Supports all devices except the first generation.

So if you have devices from this list you can watch video content from the Spectrum TV app, not only on your TV. Thus creating all possible conditions for enjoying video content in different places.

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