How to change input source on Samsung TV

You need to know how to change the inputs to use any additional connection, like a set-top box, with your TV. Despite modern Samsung TVs automatically detecting when you add new devices, to switch between different input sources, you still need to do so manually. For example, if you want to return to the broadcasting source after you connect a gaming console or streaming box.

On Samsung TV, there are different ways to change the input source. On newer models, the option to change the input source is located on the Home Screen. At the same time, other Samsung Smart TVs have this option hidden inside the settings menu. And on older TVs, there may be a special button on the remote. The ways to change the input source depend on your TV’s model, so there are a few things to check before you start.

How to find how to change the input source on your Samsung TV

As I said before, there are different ways to change the input source, depending on your Samsung TV model and OS generation. Modern models that come with Smart remotes, don’t have a remote button to change the input source, while older models have this function directly on the remote. Generally, there are the following ways to change the input source:

  • On the Home Screen
  • Via Settings menu
  • Via hidden or engineering menu
  • With your TV remote
  • With a stick on the TV, in case you don’t have a remote

If you have a newly-purchased Samsung Smart TV, the input source selection should be located directly on the TV’s Home Screen. All you need is just to find it there. For older Smart TV models, you would need to go to the Settings menu for this function. And in some cases, there may be a special button on the remote control.

All you need to do is just follow this article to find the method suitable for your Samsung TV model. You can also read this article to find the year of your Samsung TV by model number. However, you can just try all methods listed below to find the one that will work with your TV.

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How to change the source on Samsung TV with remote

First, note that the so-called input on the Samsung TV is usually named “Source”. This is important because if you use the remote control, you’ll most likely find a “Source” button on it instead of an “Input” button. If you own a Samsung TV without the Smart feature, but with the ability to connect various devices via HDMI cable, you’ll probably find this button on the remote.

Usually, it’s located at the top, exactly like the power button, but on the opposite side. Of course, depending on what model of TV you’ve, the button might have a different location, but even if it does, you’re unlikely to miss it. It’s always signed “Source”, and in most cases in the place mentioned above.

Interesting that many newer remotes don’t have this button on them, but at the same time some older remotes are compatible with modern Samsung Smart TVs, so if you’ve one at home you can try to use it on your Smart TV. There is no guarantee that it’ll work, but it won’t hurt you to try. If you don’t have one, you can always try a custom remote controller.

How to change the source on Samsung TV via adding one new

Another easy way to change the input on your Samsung TV is to simply plug a new device into the HDMI port. If you do this, your TV will most likely either display a menu with a list of sources, or the TV will automatically switch to the news source. In the first case, you’ll, of course, need to select the desired device from the list, but in the second case, you can start using it right away.

This method can be convenient if you don’t have your remote control with you, but you need to watch something on the TV set-top box. Or, you can just save time the first time you connect a new device and start using it right away. Of course, in general, it’s much more convenient to use a remote for this purpose rather than playing with wires every time you want to play a game on the PlayStation.

If you have a remote from your Samsung TV, but it doesn’t work, you can also try this method. However, it’s always better to find a way to fix it, than rely on a method where you need to stand near the TV.

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How to change source in Samsung TV on the Home screen and in settings

The last method is mainly intended for modern Smart TV. The thing is that most remotes to modern Samsung Smart TVs don’t have a “Source” button. So you can change the input using either the second method or through the settings menu.

On older remotes, there was always a menu button, but on remotes to the Samsung Smart TV, you’ll probably see only a button to access the home screen. This is where the settings menu is located. In order to use it, you need:

  1. Open the home screen using the remote control. To do this, press the “Home” button or the button with the house on it.
  2. Find a “Source” icon in the panel for apps at the bottom. If you don’t see it, go to the left bottom corner with your remote. When it’ll appear, choose it.
  3. In the tab that appears above the icon, you’ll see the available inputs. Select the one you need and start using it.

If you don’t have a Smart TV, and you’re holding an old remote, just press the menu button and select the “Inputs” or “Sources” tab. From the available options, select the one you want as well. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to use the menu on an older TV to do this. Still, it will be useful to know how to get there for other uses.

What to do if you cannot change source in any way

If you tried everything above, but still couldn’t change an input, it’s maybe because of the following reasons:

  1. Maybe your remote controller is broken. Try to replace it or find a way to fix it.
  2. Check all HDMI connections. It may happen that you or any of your relatives didn’t plug in the needed device properly.
  3. Check the power source of the device. Try to connect it to the power source again and make sure you turned it on.
  4. Replace the HDMI cable with another one. Maybe it’s broken somewhere inside.
  5. Make sure that you’re trying to choose the input that is actually connected to any device.

In case you checked everything, tried to replace things and nothing helped, consider asking for help from tech support at the place where you bought your TV or device. You can also try to contact support on its official site of Samsung company.

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