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When you should wait for a USB Type C iPhone

One of the drawbacks of the iPhone is that it still uses the obsolete Lightning charging port. This is the port that Apple itself developed. However, now all the manufacturers are moving to a more advanced USB-C port. Many are wondering when Apple will add it to the new iPhones.

According to rumors, soon we can expect such a novelty from Apple. However, there are several disadvantages for the company, which are likely to stop the company from such an update. Nevertheless, it is rumored that the company is already preparing an iPhone with USB Type C.

When USB-C iPhone may be released?

Recently, there have been more and more rumors that Apple is testing new smartphones with a USB-C port. Now both Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have said they have information that Apple is allegedly testing iPhones with UBS-C.

This could mean that in 2023 the iPhone 15 will come with a new USB-C port. That’s good news for a lot of people. Even for those who use other Apple devices, it could be convenient, since the iPad and the MacBook have long since switched to UBS-C.

Apple just recently released their new iPhone 14. So so far there are no data or prototypes of a possible iPhone 15. However, Apple has long been under pressure to move to a universal USB-C port.

Why USB-C is better than Lightning?

The first reason the USB-C is better than Lightning is its distribution. Almost all modern devices are equipped with USB-C ports. This is to get rid of hundreds of different wires for hundreds of your devices. This is handy when you can charge your smartphone, tablet, or even headphones with a single wire.

On the other hand, Apple is under pressure from the European Union, which wants to introduce a single charging port in its market. For this reason, Apple will most likely have to release iPhones with USB-C at least in Europe.

Also if we talk about technical features, USB-C has a much higher bandwidth, which means that you can transfer files between devices, as well as your smartphone will be faster to charge and third-party accessories will work with less delay. So you might want to wait and not buy a new iPhone just yet.

What are USB-C disadvantages?

Among the disadvantages of the USB-C connector stand out the fact that so far it is unclear how Apple will make them waterproof from water and dust. Also, you will most likely have to buy yourself a new charger if you have not used a USB-C device before.

There are many more disadvantages to Apple in this transition. The fact is that in the U.S. iPhones have recently become the most popular smartphones and now they outnumber android smartphones in general. And that means that Apple can make a lot of money on sales of their accessories and licenses for them.

The fact is that Lightning is an exclusive port that is used only in Apple products. And when other developers want to make their devices with Lightning, they have to buy a license from Apple. Since people have a lot of iPhones in use, the company makes a lot of money selling accessories and licenses.

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What about your lightning accessories?

The big issue will be that most accessories for your iPhone support Lightning connectivity and only have Lightning charging. If the company releases an iPhone with Type C USB, that will change very quickly.

I’m not saying that you should throw away your Lightning headphones and go buy a USB-C, but you should be prepared for the fact that literally in one generation Lightning may become irrelevant and it won’t be present anywhere else.

As I said above, switching to USB-C will allow you to charge your AirPods or various other accessories faster. However, it is unlikely that Apple will go into the trouble of re-releasing the AirPods with the new connector. Most likely all current accessories will remain on Lightning, and future devices will already be with Type C.



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