What can I do with my LG Smart TV: 3 LG Smart TV functions that makes watching process better


Smart TV is not just a TV with computer functions, it’s more than that. Smart TV is designed to anticipate the viewer’s desires while watching and to help the viewer get the content they are interested in. In this, Smart TV is significantly different from a regular TV, as it personalizes the viewing experience by, for example, collecting information about your favorite TV channels, movies and other content to offer selections with similar content.

Each manufacturer strives to offer unique features that make watching content more enjoyable. LG has gone a long way in this regard, offering three Smart TV features that will be useful to almost everyone.

LG Magic Link

We already have article explaining LG Magic Link feature, so you can read it, in case you’re interested in this feature in more detail (for example in how to use LG Magic Link).

I think almost everyone, while watching a movie, thinks about finding out a little more information about the movie or about a particular scene. You might be interested in anything from the cast or director to information about the locations.
LG Magic Link is a feature designed to help every viewer get information related to a TV channel or movie. For example, if you are watching a boxing match, LG Magic Link will offer you boxing related content such as information about the boxers, other programs or YouTube videos.
This way, watching content takes on another dimension when you can find much more information about the topic you’re interested in.

LG Magic Zoom

Let’s be honest, Magic Zoom is definitely not a feature you’ll use every day, but it’s definitely a feature you’ll need.
Magic Zoom allows you to zoom in on a certain area of the screen to focus on what you are interested in (e.g. the captions in a movie or TV show). In order to use Magic Zoom you just need to press the Focus button on the Magic Remote. Then you have full control over zooming in on certain parts of the picture so that you do not miss even the smallest detail.

LG Quick Access

We watch TV to relax, so I think everyone wants to access their favorite content as quickly as possible. LG Quick Access allows you to do this almost instantly, Using Quick Access you can customize the TV to your preferences, such as fixing the channels you watch most often and access them quickly.

In my opinion, these are some of the best features in Smart TV that greatly simplify your experience, so if you still haven’t used them, you should definitely give them a try.


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