How to find and return archived emails in Gmail

That's more complicated then you may think.

Microsoft’s Copilot claims about its supremacy and threatens users

In the world of AI, it's never boring, especially when Microsoft Copilot gets a bit naughty, introducing its new alter ego named SupremacyAGI. With...

Elon Musk wants GPT-4 and Q-Star to be considered AGI

That can pull them out of Microsoft-OpenAI deal.

Apple Was Right to Cancel Apple Car

Say farewell and goodbye.

Apple’s Plan to Make iPad Lineup Less Confusing

iPads are the mess. But can Apple fix this?

Maybe Programmers Are Overrated?

We live in a world where predictions are overrated.

What are the best-selling movies and TV series in the US (2011-2023)

Over the last decade, American viewers have evolved significantly in their entertainment consumption habits. From the dominance of DVDs and Blu-ray discs to the...

That’s Spotify AUX, in-house “music advisory agency” for brands

Still, music creators won't be able to do without brands. At least it will be much harder for them. Spotify recognizes this by launching...

Can Dune: Part Two surpass the first part?

The first Dune was supposed to be majestic. Everything about this movie matched that: the idea of Frank Herbert, the excellent cast, the director...

Maybe, Reddit has missed its IPO opportunity?

Reddit has a long history of trying to go public. It's been talked about for so long that it's hard to lose count of...

Nvidia earnings report is exactly what we expected

Nvidia exceeded Wall Street's expectations for revenue and sales in the fourth fiscal quarter, demonstrating significant growth and optimistic future forecasts: Adjusted earnings per share...

HBO does defer John Oliver to YouTube, hoping to attract more Max subscribers. Will it work?

John Oliver hosts "Last Week Tonight" on HBO every Sunday night. But if you missed it, that's okay. You could watch it the following...

Disney is selling most of its DVD and Blu-ray disc business

Disney recently announced a deal with Sony, according to which the latter will take over the production, distribution, and marketing of Disney's DVD and...

Can the Apple Vision Pro replace your TV?

Before acquiring the Apple Vision Pro, I never thought it could replace my 65-inch Samsung S95B OLED TV from 2022. However, I must honestly...

Here’s why Italy is a perfect solo trip destination

Solo travel can be exciting as well as frustrating. No single recipe will make your solo trip a good experience. It all depends on...

You can get Apple Music recaps every month now, and that’s (not) cool

I'll be brief: Apple Music Replay, the Spotify Wrapped counterpart, is now available every month instead of once a year. So, if you use...

Finally, Apple warns you not to put a drowned or wet iPhone in rice

"The rice will absorb the moisture effectively, and most of us have some uncooked rice in our homes," according to a guide on what...

Madame Web won’t even tease you where it could

Madame Web won't have a post-credits scene, so Marvel fans could at least forgive some of the movie's sins. You won't be graced with...

Madame Web review: it’s very, very disappointing

I've always loved superhero movies. From the first Hulk to Avengers: Endgame, they've always left me feeling good from watching them. Each time, though,...

Reddit reportedly signed an AI content licensing deal

The AI landscape has changed significantly since significant publishers such as the New York Times began to crack down on the unprompted use of...

Who is Ilya Sutskever, the AI demiurge?

The man who was on the top of AI is now faces the uncertainty about his future in OpenAI. Here's his story.

Decoding “OD”: Kojima’s new game title sparks intrigue

Kojima clarifies "OD" game title, debunks theories, teases star cast, hints at mysterious, suspenseful gameplay.

Google Bard now powered by Gemini Pro

Google's Bard chatbot now runs on Gemini Pro, enhancing capabilities in processing text, audio, and video for diverse applications.

Anticipated Sequel ‘Top Gun 3’ Set to Launch into Production in 2025

"Top Gun 3," set for 2025 production start and 2026 release, continues the iconic franchise's legacy, as reported by The World of Reel.

Tom Petty’s classic hit ‘Love Is a Long Road’ soars in popularity thanks to GTA V trailer feature

Tom Petty's 'Love Is a Long Road' gains massive popularity after featuring in GTA V trailer, with a 36,979% increase in Spotify streams.

George R. R. Martin Shares Impressions from His Visit to the ‘House of the Dragon’ Set

George R. R. Martin visited "House of the Dragon" set; praised dark, emotional episodes; discussed future seasons.

Fortnite presents a new LEGO mode

Fortnite introduces LEGO mode: Survival, creative building, settlement development, multiplayer function, no additional downloads, innovative game mechanics, cooperation, new challenges.

How to say thank you in a professional communication

Here's what to know about thank-you note

How to find an area code online

In an era where digital communication often eclipses traditional forms, the humble area code may seem like a relic of a bygone time. Yet,...

How to know the year of a Samsung TV

You may see R, T, A, B, C, and other letters in your Samsung TV model number. That's the letter that will exactly say...

AirTags: Parenting Tool or Privacy Invasion

Placing an AirTag in a child's backpack can lead to a deeper contemplation of the ethical implications involved.

Everything you need to know about semi-formal attire

The things to know about semi-formal attire.

How to watch Spider-Man movies in order

Here's what to know about how to watch Spidey movies in order.

How to hide your number when calling

You can hide your phone number when you call someone. You can do this through your phone settings, third-party services, or by contacting your service provider directly.

Where to watch every Spider-Man movie

Usually the right place is Disney, but some movies aren't available there.

Why does your iPhone say SOS Only?

Usually, the SOS Only issue is caused by poor contact between the SIM card and the phone.

How to watch Hulu on Xbox

To install Hulu on your Xbox you have to go to Microsoft Store or just the Store section and find the Hulu app there. On the application page install Hulu on your Xbox and enjoy this streaming service.